Health Sector Expertise

Headquarter and Regional Staff

Our 200-plus full-time headquarter and regional staff represents a diverse, well-educated, multi-disciplinary and international team of professionals with extensive management and technical expertise.

We are committed to improving health care systems and services around the world and embody a wide range of health-related areas and disciplines such as Public Health, Medicine, Reproductive and Sexual Health, Primary Health Care, Health Sector Reform, Hospital Management, Hospital Information Systems, and Epidemiology. Other fields of expertise include Project Management and Evaluation, Quality Management and Accreditation, Law, Economics, Business Administration and Social Sciences, as well as Logistics and Procurement.

Meet our headquarter staff

Health Specialist Network

In addition to core staff and the company’s international long-term experts abroad, EPOS maintains a custom-made, confidential expert database which is linked to the overall GOPA Consulting group database with more than 4,000 registered health-related specialists from all over the world. Before registration, these experts are selected according to various criteria including their technical and regional know-how, their knowledge and understanding of current health and development issues, and their experience in assessing, planning, managing, and evaluating development programmes.

Should the need arise, EPOS can make full use of GOPA Consultants’ extensive in-house expertise and registered experts in the fields of regional development, business promotion, public administration, and management training.

Health Specialist Network