Human Resources Development and Capacity Building

Quality healthcare services can only be ensured through the availability of sufficient staff with appropriate qualifications, skills and motivation. Personnel are also an important cost driver within a hospital and a health care system. Money in low and middle income countries is scarce. International donors fund training activities and want to ensure trainings translate into better performance.

We focus on overall organisational development by bringing diverse stakeholders together and developing realistic concepts that address increasing demands and overcome challenges arising from isolated responsibilities of human resources planning, development and management.

Health sector development goals of the client guide the identification of capacity building needs, preparation of curricula, training material and type of training other than development of guidelines and quality standards, incentive schemes and a system of training and upgrading programmes for HR training and management as necessary.

Adequate importance is given to the quantity, quality and retention of human resources in health in the programme regions by taking into account both public and private sector stakeholders in healthcare.

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