Hospital Planning, Commissioning and Management

Hospital Planning

At EPOS, we excel at functional planning of healthcare facilities, construction supervision, commissioning and management plans that cover the complexities of healthcare system and hospital planning support processes, irrespective of whether it is a healthcare facility renovation or full-scale hospital construction.

Our full scale development plans, including scheduling, cost estimates, resource needs and a cost/benefit analysis lay the foundation for a technically and financially viable hospital development plan.  We ensure that the overall concept, concept design, financial features and requirements meet the determined scope of services.

Applicable national, regional, local factors, preferred requirements and best practice solutions are taken into consideration to develop concept design, functional planning, room loaded detailed planning – all while working in close collaboration with the stakeholders. Based on client needs, we also mentor the client’s management team to develop adequate technical and managerial capacities.

As standard pre-commissioning activities, we ensure that all necessary systems and protocols are in place and that the hospital has obtained all regulatory approvals and licenses. Such an approach underlines quality assurance, standard operating procedures along with transparent financial management and controlling procedures.

Project References


  1. Tajikistan – Mother and Child Health / Emergency Care project II-IV (KfW)

  2. Pakistan – Health Infrastructure, Azad Jammu & Kashmir (KfW)

  3. Morocco – Hospital Reorganisation and Renovation Programme (EIB)

  4. Afghanistan – Rehabilitation of Balkh Provincial Hospital in Mazar-e-Sharif (KfW)

  5. Indonesia – Development Support for Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital (KfW)