Hospital IS,Telemedicine, e-health and Mobile Health

Information and communication technology (ICT) has started to play an increasingly important role in  public health, especially in remote areas facing limitations in terms of availability of advanced equipment or specialized healthcare. Telemedicine, though often referred to separately, acts as the extended arm of the constantly evolving e-Health System.

In developing and under-developed countries, telemedicine coupled with e-Health is increasingly being used to transfer information for diagnosis and treatment of patients on the one hand and clinical support, including training to clinical personnel, on the other. Governments in different countries across the globe have started to attach great importance to the advantages offered by innovative ICT. This is indicative of the need for policy framework coupled with a coordinated approach to making technology available and training users at different levels of healthcare.

Appropriate infrastructure along with suitable software, communication systems, availability of trained clinical & non-clinical staff is imperative for the success of eHealth and telemedicine. Our approach to telemedicine ensures the development of structured eHealth and telemedicine systems to enable appropriate decision making at different levels of healthcare.

Whether for improvements in the healthcare sector as a whole (epidemiological control) or management of specific clinical conditions (in remote healthcare facilities), our holistic and integrated approach ensures a systematic and structured framework to enable seamless transition to the new / improved systems.

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