Procurement and Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Appropriate medical equipment plays an indispensable role towards improvement and provision of medical services. It determines not only the level of services but also technological advancements, affordability, durability and sustainability of operations.

Years of experience in medical equipment planning and procurement for healthcare facilities has enabled EPOS to develop tested tools and processes. These guarantee transparent procurement and seamless integration of equipment delivery and installation in line with infrastructure development schedules. We maintain close coordination throughout the planning, implementation and commissioning stages.

Our extensive experience in medical equipment planning and technical specifications has led to development of an in-house Healthcare Facility and Equipment Planning System (HFEPS). This application facilitates selection of appropriate technology, based on the type, level and services mix for the relevant healthcare facility.

In line with client needs, we ensure a step-wise approach, starting from needs assessment through detailed planning, engineering requirement inputs, preparation of bid documents, supporting the bidding and contracting processes to delivery, installation and acceptance other than supporting user training.

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