Management of Essential Drugs and Consumables

Capacity and efficiency in the procurement and supply management of essential drugs and consumables plays an important role in the healthcare sector especially in the area of primary healthcare. Identification and documentation of best practices along with lessons learnt provides the basis for the development and implementation of strong, transparent and responsive procurement and supply systems.

Our essential drugs and medical consumables management services begin with a review of requirements based on consumption patterns and reports. This results in an actual requirement and procurement process planning based on applicable guidelines and policies from the financing agency and / or the purchaser, in accordance with available budgets.

Our in-depth knowledge of relevant quality and cost-effectiveness issues allows us to assist in getting the best overall value for the purchaser. We closely monitor the supply and distribution of goods to health facilities and warehouses, ensuring that bottlenecks are addressed and the supply process is fine-tuned. 

Support is given in undertaking necessary pre- and post-shipment inspections, as well as ensuring completion of all performance guaranties and payment formalities. We also undertake an in-depth analysis of the procurement and supply system, including mapping of the suppliers, the recipients and the financial flow of drugs and consumables. Our services support the entire management cycle.

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