Clinical Training

The nature and needs of health service organisations in both the public and private sectors are changing dramatically. Along with the introduction of technology and infrastructure, it is becoming increasingly important to pay particular attention to skills enhancement of clinical as well as clinical support staff.

In all EPOS projects, particularly those related to hospital rehabilitation and refurbishment, we ensure clinical training of clinical and clinical support staff to improve clinical outcomes and quality of care.  Depending on needs, training activities involve improving a specific set of clinical pathways and/or clinical techniques other than use of advanced equipment.

As part of the full scope of clinical trainings, the various clinical and clinical support functions are assessed to identify the training needs. We partner with several medical universities, as well as tertiary level healthcare organisations across the globe and especially in Germany (including organizing study tours for client representatives if necessary) which helps us to develop and offer evidence based plans in consultation with relevant client representatives.

Performance indicators are identified for each area and benchmarking done in line with local requirements and international best practices. Our clinical and clinical support training services result in the delivery of healthcare personnel with enhanced skills thus ensuring not only in improved clinical outcomes but also sustainable quality of care.

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