Hygiene Management

The issue of Hygiene is one of the building blocks to making health systems more effective.

At EPOS a holistic approach is taken to Hygiene, encompassing careful planning at the stage of design of health care infrastructures (e.g. rounded corners to facilitate easy cleaning, adequate ventilation to combat air-borne transmission, placement and equipping of scrub-units), and  adequate consideration of patient, visitor and health care personnel flows to minimize opportunities for infection.

In addition, planning for and training in hygiene management best  practice is provided, with development of standard operating procedures for infection control procedures such as hand-washing, and for infectious and non-infectious health care waste disposal.

Where projects involve procurement of Hygiene-related equipment, clients are advised on cost-effective and sustainable solutions and assisted in specifying sterilizers, sharps-disposal units, incinerators as well as protective equipment such as gloves, aprons and masks.

EPOS also has in-depth experience in advising in Hygiene-related aspects of care for patients suffering  from TB and Multi Drug Resistant TB, thus assisting healthcare facilities to manage nosocomial infections for better health outcomes.