Technical Resources

To strengthen knowledge sharing within the global health sector and to continue efforts towards performance excellence, EPOS invests in the development and dissemination of technical results, tools and trainings stemming from the technical assistance support we provide to health sector development projects.

Our aim is to share these resources so that they can be applied in a variety of projects and contexts and developed further, if appropriate. Links appearing here are based on an agreement with involved partners and clients. 

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Toolkit

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) ToolkitA toolkit/advisory protocol serving as a best practices for PPP initiatives. It was developed by health professionals at the Asia Region PPP Workshop held September 2011 in India. The workshop was funded by KfW, hosted by the Government of West Bengal Department of Health and Family Welfare and implemented by EPOS Health Management.


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Workload Indicators of Staffing Needs (WISN) toolkit

This toolkit to strengthen human resource planning and management development efforts has
been adapted from the WHO WISN Manual published in 1998 to be utilised in a decentralized
health environment. This work was undertaken in Indonesia as part of the GTZ/EPOS Human Re-
source Development in the Health Sector Project.

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