Technical Assistance to the Social Marketing Agency In the Republic of Congo, HIV/AIDS Prevention Project in Central Africa (PPSAC, phase V)

Congo, Democratic Republic
Area of competence: 
Integrated Primary Health Care
Donor organization: 
KfW (KfW Development Bank)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 587,150
Description of Project: 

Phase V of the KfW-funded “HIV/AIDS Prevention Project in Central Africa” aims to strengthen the regional approach to fight against HIV/AIDS and STIs in the CEMAC region. Through the local Social Marketing Agency (AMSCO), located in Congo Brazzaville, the regional organization OCEAC tries to ensure a better availability of subsidized quality condoms and to promote a positive behaviour change of the target group which shall contribute to reduced HIV/AIDS rates as well as reduced stigmatization and discrimination against people living with HIV. Building on the achievements of the former phases 3 and 4, where EPOS already provided technical assistance to AMSCO, and in the framework of a performance-based financing and fund raising scheme, the Consultant will assist AMSCO to further improve its administrative and financial management capabilities through coaching and capacity building activities. A strengthened M&E system and the implementation of a reinforced double data control system will help to monitor indicators and better control the financial base.

Description of Services: 

Consultant services will focus on:

  • Strengthening the regional integration and harmonization of activities in close coordination with the regional coordination of PPSAC in Cameroon.
  • Transfer of the TA expertise to AMSCO at the planning level of programmatic activities and budgeting.
  • Support the AMS to develop and implement an HR management policy: HR planning, evaluation of performance, recruitment and sanction measures.
  • Contribution to the improvement of managing skills and practices.
  • Ensure the documentation, capture and dissemination of marketing approaches.
  • Support the development of a good communication plan, IEC & BCC campaigns and production of materials to combat discrimination and stigma.
  • Improvement of the use of the software SAGE SAARI and optimization of the logistics management system to improve the access to condoms.
  • Support the development of a strategy for the sustainability of the achievements.
Project Volume: 
€ 587,150