Technical Assistance to the Reform of Basic Health Coverage Program (Phase III) – CMB III Morocco

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Health Policy and Financing
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EU (European Union)
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€ 1,107,290
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Str@tec Arc
Description of Project: 

Establishing basic medical coverage (CMB) in Morocco is one of the major structural reforms engaged since 2001. It is resulting from a strong political that is translated into practice in a revolution of the management of the health sector with the introduction of a result based payment mechanism and the enhancement of the social protection scheme as an essential element of the country modernisation policy. This reform is based on the Law 65-00 and built around three principles: « universality, solidarity and equity ». The scope of the reform is essentially to instore a mandatory health insurance (AMO) for civil servants and employees from the private sector that also covers the independent professionals, with their dependents. It will also include a specific system of assistance for the poor or vulnerable (RAMED).

At the same time the Ministry of Health has engaged in numerous other important reforms, such as the hospital reform, decentralisation and regionalisation, governance enhancement, budget administration reforms, performance and results HR management. The health financing reform engaged since 2008 in particular is reaching a crucial stage: It should enable the consolidation and joining of current actions toward universal coverage as common objective to « ensures that the entire population has equal and equitable access to health care ».


Main Objective of the programme of Technical Assistance (TA)

This programme is designed to contribute guarantee the entire population of Morocco access to healthcare through the application of the Law 65-00 according to the principles of solidarity and equity.

Specific objectives of the program are:

OS1: Strengthening governance of the reform by setting up a unified strategic framework that enables to clarify roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders ;

OS2: Reaching the objectives of universal coverage through the different mechanisms put in place or still to be created (AMO, RAMED, others – for populations who are not eligible to the RAMED and being part of the category of independent workers and liberal professions);

OS3: Strengthening sectorial regulation aiming the ad equation of health services to demand.

The new sectorial strategy of the MoH 2013-2016 is following from the new disposition of the Moroccan Constitution and is based on three approaches: on rights, toward health democracy and the systematic approach to strengthen the health system in line with the conceptual framework proposed by the WHO.

In this context the third phase of the program to Reform the Basic Health Coverage – CMB III, the purpose of this programme of support, was signed in July 2014. The contribution of the EU to the programme include, among others, a Technical Assistance, studies, monitoring, audit of systems and the final evaluation of the programme.

Description of Services: 

Roles and principal tasks of the TA

To reach the objectives of the programme the Consortium committed to :

  • Provide three technical assistants to the Moroccan Government to (i) support it to follow the implementation of the reform of the Basic Health Coverage (CMB), and more specifically the program of the EU in support to the CMB, (ii) contribute to strengthen institutional capacities of the different departments that are partnering with the program of the EU in support to the CMB, (iii) facilitate knowledge development on the topics of the reform.
  • Provide experts for short term interventions to a) deliver specific expertise or technical assistance for the implementation of particular activities of the support program of the EU, and b) realize studies, surveys, evaluations, provision of training and strengthening of capacities, etc. according to the objectives of the support programme.

Contribute to the communication on the reform of the CMB and on the support programme of the EU. This is to be done by developing and implementing a communication strategy and a communication plan.

Project Volume: 
€ 2,409,310