Tanzanian German Programme to Support Health (TGPSH)

Tanzania, United Republic
Area of competence: 
Health Policy and Financing
Donor organization: 
GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 973,238
Partner Organisations: 
Tanzania Network of Community Health Funds (TNCHF)
Description of Project: 

In the framework of the Tanzanian German Program to Support Health (TGPSH), GIZ accompanied the Government of Tanzania (GOT) with the objective that "major preconditions for the equitable and sustainable access to quality health services for women, men and young people are in place, and lead to use of improved quality health services". Under its Social Health Protection and Health Financing component, it supported the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) in "developing a sustainable health financing strategy aiming at Universal Health Coverage". Therefore GIZ had planned an intervention for the Community Health Funds (CHFs) to "contribute to increase access to improved quality health services for the informal sector and poor households, aiming at universal health coverage at community level".

Description of Services: 

Though implemented countrywide the CHF had not yet managed to fully achieve ist goal to mobilize additional funds to improve access to quality health services. The health system remained underfinanced and communities were still under threats of catastrophic health expenditures.
To tackle this challenge, EPOS had been contracted by GIZ to support in particular six districts in Lindi Region and two districts in Mtwara Region to:
Boost the CHF enrolment to cover the communities and mobilize more resources to improve access to health care services;
Mobilize the matching fund to improve the health system financing and the quality of health care services.
The Team focused on two districts in Mtwara Region (Masasi and Tandahimba) and 6 districts of Lindi Region (Lindi DC, Lindi TC, Nachingwea, Ruangwa, Liwale and Kilwa). The selection of the districts had been guided / made by the respected regional authorities and GIZ TGPSH prior start of the implementation.
It was presumed that the regions of Mbeya and Tanga could benefit also from the activities under this assignment through peer learning and distance support provided by the Team.
The following services were provided:
Service Package 1: Management and administration of CHF at district level
Service Package 2: Strengthening of CHF oversight governance structures
Service Package 3: Strengthening of sensitisation and enrolment structure
Service Package 4: Development and application of peer learning and scaling-up mechanisms.

Project Volume: 
€ 1,144,986