Support of the Malawian Primary Healthcare System - Feasibility and Project Design Study

Area of competence: 
Health Facilities and Services
Donor organization: 
KfW (KfW Development Bank)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 98,911
Description of Project: 

The Feasibility and Project Design Study for a project to Support the Malawian Primary Health Care System within the frame of the German Financial Co-operation with the Republic of Malawi was based on a request of the Government of Malawi (GoM) dated November 2013 for further support to the health sector from the German Government.
The purpose of the planned programme "Support of the Malawian Primary Health Care System" is to assist the Malawi Government in the provision of primary health care services in order to improve the health status of the Malawian population in general, and especially for women and children in rural areas. This feasibility and project design study was carried out as a basis for and in preparation of the bilateral government negotiations between Germany and Malawi with the objective to design a primary health care (PHC) programme with a first tranche being worth Euro 10 mio and a possible second one of the same financial volume.

Description of Services: 

The study was split into two parts with Part 1 resulting in three project options to support PHC in Malawi and Part 2 detailing one option that was agreed upon between the governments of Germany and Malawi.
Under Part 1 of the study, the following services were provided:
Analysis of the present health situation mainly by means of interviews with all relevant stakeholders and a field visit to hard-to-reach health facilities in the South Western and the Northern Zone, and an analysis of policies and facts.
Analysis of the situation of the primary health care system,
Definition of the most urgent health needs.
Analysis and summary of former and on-going experiences from programmes that are currently implemented in this area, and
Development of a programme proposal with three different options that were presented during a workshop in Lilongwe with the participation of high MoH officials and a KfW representative from Frankfurt.
At the end of Part 1, during the workshop, the decision went to “Option 1: Strengthening Integrated Services”.
During Part 2 of the study, the selected project option was developed in detail and an elaborate and concrete proposal was developed on how to execute the FC Project.
The following services were provided:
Visit to the DHOs of Mzimba North and South, the District Council of Mzimba and the City Council of Mzuzu for fine-tuning the strategy and project design.
Final discussion on the design of the programme (including Minutes of Meeting) with the Directorate for Planning and Policy Development (DoPPD).
Preparation of the design study including a detailed justification for programme implementation in the Northern Zone, analysis of the project region, the beneficiaries and the Project Executing Agency, a programme organigramme, a financial analysis as well as a budget and financing plan for the selection option, a detailed costing of the programme, an M&E system, a description of complementarities, synergies and co-ordination mechanisms with other programmes in the health sector, as well as a risk analysis, a result matrix and a time schedule.

Project Volume: 
€ 98,911