Support to the Health Sector Reform Programme - Component: Human Resource Development

Area of competence: 
Integrated Primary Health Care
Donor organization: 
GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
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€ 542,250
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Description of Project: 

Cambodia still remains a country with the worst health indicators in the Asia-Pacific region, with the quality of public health services being extremely low. The fundamental challenges that remain to be tackled are quality improvement of services, facilitation of access of poor population groups to health care, and a sensible distribution of tasks between the private and public sector. The overall objective of the ‘Support to the Health Sector Reform Programme’ is that the quality and effectiveness of public and private health services offered in the provinces of Kampong Thom and Kampot is increased. The first phase of this programme has succeeded in delivering several important elements for implementing the sector reforms, including quality management and institutional development. The second phase of the programme continues to lay focus on making contributions to the area of ‘quality improvement’ of the Cambodian sector strategic plan. The overall objective of the ‘Human Resource Development’ component of this second phase is that skilled personnel and administrative staff from public health institutions possess adequate knowledge to treat prioritised health problems and fulfil their management functions.

Description of Services: 

The consortium will follow a coherent and comprehensive approach to capacity building, adhering to the principles of the ‘impact chain’. Through advice and advanced personnel training, the capacity of specialised institutions and regional health authorities will be strengthened. Resource allocation in provincial health services will be rationalised through capacity building in management skills. It is envisaged that the training institutions will have new skills for ongoing ‘on-job’ training and mentoring programme to ensure sustainability. Similarly, health centres predominantly in rural areas will be able to improve motivation and performance of health staff and thus reduce turn-over. The core set of services to be provided include:
Training needs assessments for clinical training of selected health personnel in the area of safe delivery, integrated management of childhood illnesses, emergency medicine following national standards and guidelines;
Supporting the MoH Human Resources Division and the four regional training centres to improve the clinical competencies of nursing and midwifery students;
Assisting the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) in providing high quality training courses in the field of hospital management, management of health services and Master of Public Health and other short courses as necessary;
Capacity building of the teaching faculty of NIPH to deliver training courses;
Supporting the MoH and counterparts in the provinces in any other HRD intervention that is considered a health sector priority;
Developing a strong M&E system that will allow smooth implementation of the project.

Project Volume: 
€ 542,250