Support to Family Planning Programme

Area of competence: 
Health Facilities and Services
Donor organization: 
GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 859,000
Partner Organisations: 
Description of Project: 

As a result of worsened socio-economical conditions, family planning (FP) services in Uzbekistan became less accessible. Problems had been faced in the adequate mix of contraceptives and in the advisory services. While the latter had been dispensed in non-participatory manner, the lack in supply of even the hitherto dominating intra-uterine device led to growing abortion rates as well as to a return of too frequent pregnancies with all typical consequences for women's health (e.g. mortality rate, anaemia). Sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS continued to be near-taboo subjects.

Description of Services: 

The project objective was to increase the frequency of use of modern contraceptive methods, thus to improve the health situation and reduce long-term population growth. The contraceptive prevalence rate, initially at 40%, served as the main indicator.