Support to the Continued Reform Process & Primary Health Care Development

Area of competence: 
Integrated Primary Health Care
Donor organization: 
EU (European Union)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 2,550,000
Partner Organisations: 
NSPH Netherlands School of Public Health
Description of Project: 

The Soviet Occupation left Lithuania with a number of systems, such as its health care system, entirely unsuitable to the needs of a modern economy and, moreover, inefficient and costly. The overall aim is sustainable health care with contained costs and reformed financing thus preventing further deterioration of health status indices. The national implementation of primary health care taking place for a period of 5 years is based on the functioning of general practice and community nursing. The Ministry of Health aided the reform process through the development of policy and the implementation of Government instruments.

Description of Services: 

The overall objective was to support the development of a sustainable, high quality health care system in Lithuania. Activities included: Development of a national plan for the implementation of primary health care provision, health care management training and well-balanced financing system Assessment of the actual impact of the health insurance function on the delivery system and the development of policy proposals for the development of remuneration and accounting systems Development, operation and monitoring of a fund for the provision of facilities for general practitioners to establish private or cooperative practices Design of continuous training of community nurses and other health professionals for primary health care teams Definition and implementation of a national management training policy for the health sector Development and implementation of a sustainable and flexible model for training of target groups within health care management Development of an information management strategy for the Lithuanian health care system Support to the development of a management information system for health care information flow and computerised administration system in the Ministry of Health Development of a public relations concept for three audiences: Ministry of Health, health sector practitioners, and general public