Study on the Commercial Organisation of the Madagascar Institute for Animal Vaccines (IMVAVET) - Vaccine Distribution and National Animal Vaccination Programme

Area of competence: 
Integrated Primary Health Care
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GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
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€ 21,600
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Description of Project: 

The "Institut Malagache des Vaccines Vétérinaires (IMVAVET)" is a public enterprise established to produce, supply and distribute animal vaccines for the protection of the country's livestock. The institute lacked a working distribution network, sales were mostly concentrated on the production site and therefore the vaccine distribution did not cover the entire country. Consequently, the vaccination rate for livestock was low. In addition, the country's livestock breeders' growing economic importance and orientation towards the market, increased the demand for animal vaccines considerably. The government intended to strengthen the vaccine distribution network (including the cold chain) and to improve vaccination coverage through a National Animal Vaccination Programme.

Description of Services: 

To study the market for animal vaccines in order to define adequate economic policies.