Strategic Planning and Development - Infectious Diseases Institute

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Integrated Primary Health Care
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€ 1,651,673
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Description of Project: 

EPOS Health Management employed and seconded the Infectious Diseases Institute at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda their Head of Department, Dr. Richard Brough, responsible for Strategic Planning and Development and member of the Senior Management Team at the Institute.
The Head of Department for Strategic Planning and Development (HSPD) worked with the Heads of the IDI core functions (Clinical Services, Training, Laboratory, Prevention and Outreach), identifying areas for strategic programme and infrastructure expansion and defining the related resource support requirements. Based on these interactions and in close consultation with the Head of Department, Finance and Operations, the HSPD led in the development, implementation and monitoring of the IDI Business Plan, ensuring the inclusion of a Strategic Resource Generation component within the Plan that had been consistent with the core competencies and goals of the Institute.

Description of Services: 

The HSPD was responsible for securing resources for the Institute through:

  • Non-research grants;
  • Multi-lateral, bi-lateral and foundation donors;
  • Corporate sponsorship, particularly form companies based in Africa;
  • Leveraged partnerships and major gifts.

The HSPD was responsible for identifying and managing strategic partnerships within the health care and donor fields in Uganda and abroad, including regular donor communications and acknowledgement. The HSPD served as a primary liaison between the IDI and the AAF, pursuing complementary fund raising efforts with the AAF and coordinating approaches to major donors. Similarly, the HSPD served as a lead liaison and advocate on behalf of the IDI with major donors and partners.

Strategic Development and Planning

  • Consult closely with Heads of Department in the areas of IDI core competency (Clinical Services, Laboratory, Training, Prevention and Outreach) to identify areas for strategic program and related infrastructure (space, equipment, resources) expansion that were consistent with the goals and objectives of the Institute;
  • Design, develop and implement short and long term resource development plans and strategies that made possible both the strengthening of the specific programs / components of IDI core competency, as well as expansion of the programs into new strategic directions and niches;
  • In collaboration with the Head of Finance and Operations developed a 5-year business plan for IDI and related budget;
  • Liaise with Makerere University, Faculty of Medicine and Mulago Hospital, to ensure the interests of these major stakeholders were appropriately reflected in the IDI Business Plan;
  • Take the lead in the development of the Strategic Resource Generation component of the Business Plan;
  • Analyze, prioritize and pursue funding opportunities among the potential donors that were consistent with the goals and objectives as defined in the Business Plan;
  • Convene and lead regular strategic planning sessions at IDI.

Communications and Donor Management

  • Review donor trends and opportunities, the status of resource generation, and Institutional messaging;
  • Coordinate and lead donor acknowledgement activities and regular communications;
  • Liaise regularly with health care partners in Uganda and abroad, identifying trends and opportunities for strategic partnerships, collaborations and resource generation
  • Ensure consistent and regular contact with partners and donors through newsletters, web-site and an annual reports.

Resource Generation and Management

  • Conduct research into and maintain a database of potential foundation, multi-lateral, bi-lateral and Africa-based corporate donors; 
  • Ensure quality of non-research proposals, validity of funding request, consistency with IDI goals, objectives and core competencies;
  • Work with the Heads of Department to ensure that adequate teams were in place within the IDI to deliver donor requirements. Regularly track and report the donor-defined milestones / deliverables;
  • Work in close co-operation with Finance and Budget offices to develop budgets in support of donor requests, including facets such as: direct and indirect costs, allocation of shared items or costs, IDI overhead rates, etc.
  • Coordinate regularly with heads of relevant departments to develop a summary overview of all resource generation activities related to the IDI.
Project Volume: 
€ 1,651,673