Promotion of Health Insurance Approaches

Area of competence: 
Health Policy and Financing
Donor organization: 
GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
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Value of service: 
€ 1,304,069
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Description of Project: 

Health indicators are poor in Cameroon. Inefficiencies and financial barriers lead to insufficient access to effective quality health care services, especially for the poor and vulnerable. This results in a high disease burden and mortality of the population and, in case of illness, the risk of falling into absolute poverty. The project promoted long-standing approaches to micro health insurances ("Mutuelles") in Cameroon and was supposed to strengthen the conceptual design of health insurances, especially with regard to organizational and financial issues as well as long term sustainability. The focus was placed on the following regions: North-West, South-West, Littoral, West and Centre. In the second phase, especially the already existent pilot approach for Mutuelles in Kumbo was to be supported and its impact and sustainability to be evaluated. The following results were to be achieved by the project:
Improving the economic viability of existing health insurances, in the second phase particularly through the supervision and further development of the pilot approach in Kumbo.
Stabilization of the nominal range of Mutuelles (total number of members / increase in the number of members who regularly pay contributions).
Support the partner in the preparation, further development and application of a draft law on health insurance policies in cooperation with all relevant national stakeholders.

Description of Services: 

Conduction of a comprehensive survey of health insurance approaches in the country.
Determination of the role of Mutuelles in the overall system of health care and roles of key players.
Recommendation of concrete measures for improvement of the basic concept of Mutuelles, as well as internal and external processes, the role of regional funds, training of key actors, contracts, etc.
Provision of advice and support to existing health insurance schemes, taking into account the role of regional funds.
Advice and support to the regional funds in carrying out their functions.
Support to key actors in the implementation of measures.
Monitoring of on-going activities and the development of Mutuelles, collection and analysis of data in order to identify problem areas.
Capacity development of stakeholders through the organization and management of training workshops.

Project Volume: 
€ 1,304,069