openIMIS: Capacity building

Area of competence: 
Health Policy and Financing
Donor organization: 
GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 48,900
Partner Organisations: 
Swiss TPH
Description of Project: 

The overall aim of the project is to contribute to positioning the openIMIS in the international eHealth landscape as the standard tool for managing beneficiary, payer and provider interaction. This initiative is intended to expand beyond health insurance in to wider social protection mechanisms in other fields (involving management of beneficiaries and administering benefits to them) in the mid to longer term. In addition this Project requires services to support the establishment of a reliable support infrastructure including capacity building globally and regionally. Under the overall Initiative, this Project will support achievement of the following objectives:

Increase in the number of openIMIS implementation sites as well as a growth in the community (users, implementers and developer communities). Maintaining responsive and reliable global and regional support structures.
Increase in the relevance, usefulness and usability of openIMIS for payers of health services.

The consortium will establish linkage to implementation sites (current and potential new ones) so they can provide their valuable inputs and insights to further increase the relevance of the IT solution for users. This relevance, responsiveness and possibility for direct experience exchange holds the key to unlocking increased uptake linking directly to Objective 3 of this project. Proactive marketing as well as the promotion of standardized implementation resources developed under the project will help encourage more users to implement the system for their schemes and more implementers to further promote and roll-out the solution in their respective contexts.

Description of Services: 

The objectives are expected to be achieved through 3 work packages:

Work Package 1: openIMIS Promotion

The emphasis of Work Package 1 is on proactive promotion of the solution. This includes opening up and managing social media channels as well as supporting GIZ and implementation partners with customer presentations through webinars, calls or on-site demos.

In this regard, the expert team works closely with the software development teams to fully understand the current system as any planned future developments/direction so as to ensure well informed communication with clients. The project envisages maintaining a demo server with appropriate cases to demonstrate in easily understand ways the full functionality of the system. In order to proactively promote the system, connections to potential funders will also be established to support implementation projects.

Lastly the project will support feasibility studies for implementation projects through the elaboration of rapid assessment and piloting guides - as well as by providing practical guidance.

Work Package 2: Support Infrastructure

The focus of Work Package 2 is to contribute to creating and managing a support infrastructure at global as well as regional level for implementation of the system. The project will v
coordinate and support the efforts of regional hubs to provide a link between the global initiative and countries as they hold a lot of potential for high impact outreach to users, implementers, software development groups as well as donors and other technical expert communities.

A number of implementation resources will be developed and maintained under this work package including:

syllabus and training material for different target groups (trainers, implementers, users and developers),
implementation starter-kit,
implementation roadmap templates,
budget calculations,
resources needs or job descriptions and
Multi-media support materials providing guided demos of the full system.

These implementation resources will form the basis of practical capacity building measures for different target groups to enable them to use the system in their respective contexts. They will provide a way to build on existing experience as well as to offer standardized best practices from collective experience to new as well as existing users.

Work Package 3: Usability and Requirements Management

The emphasis of Work Package 3 is to support the Initiative to improve the usability of the system from a user perspective. The measures required under this work package include observing and discussing usability issues and feature gaps with users and documenting them to channel them back to the IT & Product Committee. To further improve the usability of the software the project shall focus on the identification of translators for potential new languages and harmonization of localisation projects covering textual elements of the software and related documentation, as well as coordinating the usability improvement projects and requirement engineering as needed.

Project Volume: 
€ 188,480