Nutrition and Access to Primary Education (NAPE)

Area of competence: 
Integrated Primary Health Care
Donor organization: 
GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 160,000
Partner Organisations: 
GOPA Consultants
Description of Project: 

The project supported the education sector in Malawi. The objective was to contribute to the improvement of the nutrition situation of primary school children. In a first project that had ended in 2011, the development of national strategy documents (such as the National School Health and Nutrition Strategic Plan) for the improvement of school health and nutrition had been supported. These strategies were now to be implemented. Therefore, the main aim of the project was to support the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to realize the strategy. The project was structured in three components: (1) Management of school nutrition, (2) Identification of community-based, gender-sensitive schemes for school meals and (3) Promotion of nutritional knowledge to improve diet. As part of a multilevel approach, the components addressed both national and also local/regional institutions. Part of the implementation of the nutrition strategies was the testing of different models developed under component (2), in order to contribute to the national debates and to identify adapted models for each region. An improved nutritional status of children should help to reduce absenteeism and school drop-out and finally to improve school achievements and success. The project approach also included the development of an integrated School Health and Nutrition monitoring system.

Description of Services: 

The services to be carried out by the consortium included the following:

  • Exchange and analysis of the various school nutrition policy documents.
  • Selection of 40 pilot schools according to defined selection criteria.
  • Identification of the ministerial capacities on all levels needed for implementation and provision of school meals and development of capacity development measures.
  • Identification of local partners in the selected pilot areas (local institutions, non-governmental organisations).
  • Supporting the M+E design of the project and cooperation for the monitoring and evaluation of project results with an external action research organization contracted by GIZ.
  • Preparation and agreement on the basic nutrition messages and information materials (nutrition handbook).
  • Ongoing identification of support measures for the actors involved in implementation of the school nutrition and nutrition advisory activities.
  • Guidance for conducting local activities (school meal provision and nutrition counselling).
  • Feedback of experience and results of local activities into national strategy debates.
  • Regular active participation in the meetings of the technical working group.
  • Support in preparing or revising strategy papers.
Project Volume: 
€ 2,158,515