Multi-Country Project Glossary and Dictionary of Social Protection Terms

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Health Policy and Financing
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EU (European Union)
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€ 381,100
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Description of Project: 

The transition from a centrally planned to a market economy in the central and eastern European countries (CEECs) created a need to restructure the systems of social protection. The Consensus programme of the European Commission is supporting the social protection reforms in several CEECs in order to prepare for accession to the European Union. One aspect of the reforms is the approximation of legislation, standards and norms with those existent in the European Union. The lack of standardised national terminologies for social protection hindered international communication and the access to EU documents and official publications. In order to advance the reform process and the integration into the European Community, the Consensus programme supported the development, translation and publication of documents on social protection in the CEECs.

Description of Services: 

The project aimed at developing and standardising the national social protection terminology used in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and the Slovak Republic. In addition to the national terminologies, suitable English language equivalents consistent with the usage in the European Commission were defined. Specific activities included: Selection of sources for the social protection terminology Development of a data base of national expressions, definitions and context examples, using a terminology management system adapted to specific project requirements Training of local experts in the use of the terminology management system Definition of English translations for the national expressions, definitions and context examples Development of a multilingual terminology Compilation and publication of dictionaries/glossaries for each of the participating countries Development of a classification scheme for social protection topics, based on a domain tree. Topics cover social protection, social health insurance, and old-age, invalidity and survivor’s insurance and benefits. Among others, legal, financial and demographie