Management of Advanced Medical Technologies

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GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
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€ 745,668
Description of Project: 

During the past twenty years, the majority of government investments in the Uzbek health sector went to rehabilitation/building of the infrastructure. Most of the loans and grants (approx. 60 million USD) have been used for as much equipment as possible without any or sufficient re-sources being allocated for important aspects, such as extended warranties, training, spare parts and maintenance services. Post-installation maintenance of especially high-tech medical equipment remains until now a challenge in Uzbekistan despite continuous efforts of the development partners to accompany the delivery of equipment with the introduction of a systematic approach to product life–cycle management (PLM).
The GIZ "Management of Advanced Medical Technology" Programme is building on the achievements of the previous phase “Advanced training for medical professionals on high-tech medical equipment in Uzbekistan” and provides more systematic support to the MoH and its sub-ordinate institutions in building capacities to improve the quality of health services through improved use of modern medical technologies.  The output 3 of the porgramme builds on and expands previous experiences and lessons learnt, especially in creating an enabling environment for sustainable Health Technology Management (HTM), starting from the identification of needs related to the procurement of continuous equipment maintenance. The output 3 objective situates the interventions at the systemic as well as at the operational level (service providers). It mandates the expert team to create the necessary conditions for the use of guidelines which will support HTM, and develop the capacity amongst beneficiary organisations to apply these guidelines through the implementation of the four work packages (WPs) as described in more detail further below.

Description of Services: 

WP 1: Advisory services to the MoH in the development and implementation of a national Health Technology Management Strategy
Support in operationalising the Health Technology Management Strategy
Development of an innovative approach to provision of technical services
Adaptation of the qualification requirements and academic programmes to the current needs of the health sector
Support in creating an enabling environment and raising awareness of importance of pro-active equipment maintenance
Support to the health facilities in the pilot regions in operationalisation of the HTM Strategy
WP 2: Development of guidelines for the PLM of high-tech devices and implementation of the user/manager training according to the guidelines
Development of guidelines, a handbook and standard set of tools to enable PLM;
Capacity building of facility staff in procurement, budgeting, contracting and management of equipment maintenance;
Support to the application of guidelines, SOPs, manuals and standard tools/checklists in daily work;
Support to the installation of a monitoring system to track equipment downtimes;
WP 3: Capacity development for RTPCSME and its regional branches
Organisational assessment of the RTPCSME based on its mandate;
Managerial training for the RTPCSME staff (Tashkent and regional offices);
Technical training on high-tech medical equipment maintenance (Tashkent and regional offices);
Study tours for engineers to build skills in medical equipment maintenance.
WP 4: Further development of a computer based system for public health services that can be used in HTM
Identification of functional gaps in current version of OpenMedis and development of functional business processes maps and technical specifications;
Upgrade the software / programming and initiate approval of the technical specifications;
Pilot testing of the software and its release;
Training and operationalisation of computer-based inventory system at facility level;
Support nation-wide introduction of computer-based medical equipment inventory system.

Project Volume: 
€ 745,668