Health System Strengthening and Epidemic Prevention

Sierra Leone
Area of competence: 
Health Facilities and Services
Donor organization: 
GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 470,229
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Description of Project: 

As the Ebola epidemic was brought under control, the MoHS tried to ensure that a basic plan and framework for the recovery of the health sector were quickly put into place. Noting the urgent need to have a more comprehensive healthcare financing strategy for the sector, GiZ tasked EPOS to provide technical assistance on sustainable financing as part of its health system strengthening programme. The project is integrating two initiatives: A Performance Based Financing (PBF) scheme as well as a mandatory social health insurance scheme, the Sierra Leone Social Health Insurance (SLeSHI). In the absence of an overall financing strategy for the sector, the various actors work in an uncoordinated manner. EPOS contributes to the development of an overall health financing strategy and also conducts two pilot studies on sustainable financing in two strategic border districts to produce evidence based information to be infused in the strategy development at central level.

Description of Services: 

Working very closely with the SLeSHI team in NASSIT and the MoHS  Directorate of Policy, Planning and Implementation (HFU, HRH DFR) as well as all other key ministries (such as Ministry of Labor and Social Security), partners and stakeholders, EPOS is responsible for implementing three service packages:

1. Social health insurance; 2. Health workforce financing; 3. Capacity development.

Service Package (1) Social Health Insurance in Sierra Leone
Assess the financial and implementation feasibility of the SLeSHI scheme.
Development of an implementation manual for the scheme in close collaboration with all main stakeholders.
Provide continuous policy and strategy support.

Service Package (2) Health Workforce Financing in Sierra Leone
Design and implement a pilot study on sustainable workforce financing in health facilities in the pilot districts Kambia and Kailahun in close collaboration with District Health Management Teams, local councils, hospitals and health workers in primary healthcare units.
Provide technical support to quarterly budget oversight and PFM at central level.
Provide continuous policy and strategy support.

Service Package (3) Capacity Development
Identify key technical support areas and undertake a thorough capacity assessment targeting the Health Financing Unit and the Sleshi team.

Elaborate and implement a prioritized capacity development strategy and training plan.
Assess the capacity development requirements for the establishment of SLeSHI in Sierra Leone.
Develop capacities while supporting quarterly budget oversight workshops in Kambia and Kailahun.

Project Volume: 
€ 723,430