Health Management Information System in Tajikistan - Phase IV

Area of competence: 
Health Facilities and Services
Donor organization: 
EU (European Union)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 284,630
Description of Project: 

The current phase of project is part of the long term support of the European Union (EU) to the Government of Tajikistan which already started in 2008, first went through an in-depth assessment of the situation (phase I), was followed by a planning (phase II) stage and culminated as logical continuation into the TA to support HMIS phase III which started the roll-out and ended in May 2016. It is embedded in the context of the National Health Strategy 2010 - 2020 promoting a health reform to improve (i) health indicators in key areas, (ii) health system governance, institutional development, policy and regulatory frameworks, (iii) quality and efficiency in resource allocation (human and physical resources as well as supplies), and (iv) financing.
The overall objective of the contract is to “Contribute to the improvement of the population's health and to a healthier living environment, supporting health systems reforms towards a results-oriented, system- complete, and well-resourced health care sector in the Republic of Tajikistan”.

Description of Services: 

The current project will ensure proper maintenance of the running system, make sure that all collected data is properly used to improve evidence based decision making at the management level (RCMIS/MoHSP) and to improve visibility/data quality, as well as refresher trainings where needed.

The specific results to be achieved and services being provided include:

Result 1: DHIS2/HMIS fully operational

  • Regular monitoring and maintenance of DHIS system, equipment and related infrastructure;
  • DHIS User Management;
  • Assist district data entry centers with advises and on-hands training and ensure satisfactory functioning of the centers and channels.

Result 2: Statistical reports published

  • Contribute to Statistical Yearbooks preparation for 2015 and 2016 Advise on correctness of statistical data in statistical reports;
  • Support districts specialists in data collection;
  • Provide help-desk services to DHIS data entry users.

Result 3: Local capacities strengthened on data quality and analysis

  • Regular reporting on data quality and conduct workshops for identified problems;
  • Data quality improvement;
  • Monitor system utilisation for producing statistical data and assist the RCMIS / MoHSP specialists in effective use of available data;
  • Collaborate with national universities/schools (drafting curricula and implementing courses).

Result 4: RCMSI website maintained and updated

  • Improve RCMSI's website and its structure;
  • Publish content including statistical reports, indicators generated by DHIS, presented in form of tables, diagrams and maps but also news about events in the RCMSI, MOHSP, and regions, promote successes of the system, data collection, and best practices and weak results, in order to motivate all stakeholders to always increase quality.
Project Volume: 
€ 284,630