Health Infrastructure Azad, Jammu & Kashmir (AJK)

Area of competence: 
Health Facilities and Services
Donor organization: 
KfW (KfW Development Bank)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 297,863
Partner Organisations: 
Description of Project: 

Following the Pakistan earthquake of 2005 the German Government provided a grant of €22 million for the reconstruction of health facilities in AJK. The selected facilities were AIMS Hospital in Muzaffarabad, Bagh Hospital and Kahuta Hospital. It was primarily an infrastructure project which was due to run from October 2006 to September 2010.

In October 2009, under Phase 1 of the project, contracts were let for the construction of Bagh Hospital and Kahuta Hospital, and in November 2010 for the construction of a new clinical block at AIMS Hospital. All three jobs are mired in delays.

The tasks covered in the new consulting contract include the completion of the three building projects carried over from Phase 1, including the tendering for the remaining construction works in Bagh and Kahuta together with the planned Phase 2 measures – the design, documentation, tendering and construction supervision of retrofitting the Alrazi complex at AIMS through structural measures and thus making the building earthquake safe. Medical equipment specification and procurement will be associated with each construction activity under the consultancy.

Description of Services: 

The main activities of the project are construction and equipment of hospitals at three sites including the preparation of an equipment maintenance concept.

Civil Works

The International Team Leader and the National Project Engineer will head the team in the finalisation of the construction works under Phase 2A and the design and construction works under Phase 2B, working closely with the national long-term experts. Short-term engineering expertise will be recruited as needed. Right from the beginning, activities and interventions with regard to construction and rehabilitation will be closely co-ordinated with the equipment component of the project.


Mediconsult experts will be involved in the equipment component of the project. The International Team Leader will assure the coordination of all activities and expert inputs related to procurement, tendering, installation and commissioning and maintenance of equipment.

Where necessary, adaptations to the infrastructure for installation of the equipment will be communicated in a timely manner to the experts and site engineers of the civil works component.

Project Volume: 
€ 1,191,450