Evaluation of the Yemeni/German Primary Health Care Project

Area of competence: 
Integrated Primary Health Care
Donor organization: 
GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 14,550
Partner Organisations: 
Description of Project: 

The overall objective of the project was the improvement of the health conditions of the population of the Amran region, especially through improved Primary Health Care Services and the strengthening of the District Health System. The specific objective of the EPOS assignment was the evaluation of the above project (a long-term project of 4 phases over 13.5 years), together with a team member of the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Yemen.

Description of Services: 

The successful implementation of the following key elements was evaluated: development of appropriate infrastructure for health delivery services; training of health personnel; development of a supervision system, a distribution system for drugs and medical consumables, a referral system, and a health information system; improvement of hygiene in the villages through improved water and sanitation services.