EU Health Facility

Area of competence: 
Health Facilities and Services
Donor organization: 
EU (European Union)
Start of Project: 
End of Project: 
Value of service: 
€ 4,111,381
Partner Organisations: 
Asian Management and Development Institute; Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Description of Project: 

For many years, the health sector in Vietnam has been using the targeted approach to address specific health needs of ist population. This proved to be effective as the country achieved quite remarkable results in controlling the rate of communicable diseases. The typical illustration of this approach is the adoption of National Targeted Program (NTP) model as well as some vertical policies. This approach, however, appears to be less effective as Vietnam enters the middle income country (MIC) status. The changing disease patterns (creating a double burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases) and health disparities across regions, income and ethnic groups created demand for modernization of governance and the shift to an integrated approach in managing and regulating the health sector.

The EU has been a steady partner to the Ministry of Health (MoH) supporting the sector since 1993. Being in the forefront of support, the EU initiated a project called Health Sector Capacity Support Project (HSCSP), which marked the second generation of EU assistance to health. As advocated by the leaders of the MoH, one of ist objectives was to prepare the sector for the receipt of a more integrated form of support by the EU, which later came as the Health Sector Policy Support Programme (HSPSP).

The EU Health Facility is supposed to

  • Support stakeholders in achieving the target defined in the EU HSPSP2 in a flexible and coordinated manner, in supporting the reform of the health sector in Vietnam in line with EU policies related to health, social protection, civil society participation, gender, ethnic minorities, environment, governance, and aid/development effectiveness.
  • Respond in a flexible and rapid manner to the need for short and medium term expertise, research and training needs of the various stakeholders in different areas, such as, but not limited to: (1) health financing, (2) health information systems and capacity related to statistics and data management, (3) health budgeting, planning and decentralisation, (4) health policy dialogue, (5) health services quality - accreditation/ delivery/ use/ assessment - for the poor and the near poor, (6) health and insurance sector governance (anti-corruption and transparency), and (7) maternal and child health.
  • Contribute to the reporting of the MoH and the EU Delegation for the EU HSPSP-2 tranches disbursements.


Description of Services: 

The EU Health Facility works in the following result areas:

Result Area 1: Health Governance

  • Support the capacity for sector planning and budgeting at central level;
  • Support the Ministry of Health (MoH), Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) in the implementation of the Health Sector Reform Contract 2 and the preparation of disbursement files;
  • Support the MoH, MoF and MPI with information and capacity development in the introduction of Public Private Partnerships in health.

Result Area 2: Health Information

  • Support the MoH in the design of a reporting software for health indicators;
  • Provide TA for the MoH Health Management Information System (HMIS) at the MoH and in 10 provinces.

Result Area 3: Health Financing

  • Support in designing and implementing efficient provider payment methods;
  • Support in rolling out of capitation payment at grassroots level.

Result Area 4: Health Service

  • Improvement of the access, quality of services and equity at grassroots level and Primary Health Care;
  • Support to policy dialogue on the enhancement of services at hospital and grassroots level;
  • Policy-oriented research/studies;
  • Support the definition/roll-out of Standards of Practice/Clinical Guidelines for non-communicable diseases.

Result Area 5: Promotion of EU visibility and sector policy dialogue

  • Assist in the promotion of EU visibility;
  • Support to sector policy dialogue through the operation of Health Partners Group, Technical Working Groups with special attention to Civil Society Organisation participation.
Project Volume: 
€ 6,229,365