Capacity Development Planning Support: Human Resources Planning, Recruitment and Management

Area of competence: 
Integrated Primary Health Care
Donor organization: 
GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation)
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Value of service: 
€ 34,840
Description of Project: 

Despite reaching the MDG4, maternal mortality remains high in Kyrgyzstan, with 90 percent of maternal deaths being avoidable. Combating maternal mortality is a priority for the Kyrgyz government and providing support to improve maternal and child health (MCH) has been defined as a central area of development cooperation between Germany and the Kyrgyz Republic, with a particular focus on the area of perinatal health care (PNHC). Based on successful work at the Rayon and Oblast level, both governments agreed in 2011 to establish the first National Perinatal Centre (NPC) in Bishkek to become the pilot and key institution of a perinatal referral system and the centre of perinatal capacity building in the country.

Towards the vision to have a modern National Tertiary Perinatal Center operational, strengthening HR capacity in the process of transforming the Maternal Hospital of the National MCH Centre (MH-NMCHC) to a Tertiary Level Perinatal Center is a long-term process. This project formed part of this process and supported the MOH and the MH-NMCHC in (i) identifying HR-related support needs, (ii) designing a capacity development strategy determining specific support measures required in the short, medium, and longer term and (iii) designing some quick-wins measures to be implemented with currently available resources.

The Planning Support Process developed in this project was led by the Ministry of Health (MOH) with the support of a team of external consultants and international expert staff.

Description of Services: 

The Planning Process was implemented by the MOH, which assigned a Technical Working Group (TWG) and Steering Committee (SC) for conducting this process. The TWG and SC were advised and supported by an expert team of consultants and GIZ staff who oriented and prepared the members of the HR TWG and SC for the work ahead and shared the international evidence-based changes in HRM and hospital management that have occurred since the original conception of a new MH-NMCHC which took place 10 years ago. The planning process focused on capacity-relevant structural factors likely to impact the ability to deliver the HR - related key tasks of the MOH and MH-NMCHC. Based on relevant national and international standards the process reviewed factors, which explain present performance, challenges and opportunities, and defined needs for future capacity development measures. The Planning Process addressed all relevant factors of required future capacity, including i. a. mission, vision, work-cultural aspects, structure and organizational aspects, technical-administrative and functional skills, and material resources to deliver the HR - key functions such as:

  • HR- Legal Framework

  • HR Policies

  • HR Training Policies

  • Staff Retention and Motivation Policies

  • HR Planning

  • HR Recruitment Policies

  • Recruitment and Placement Practice (Process, Organization)

  • Remuneration Policies

  • Employment Cycle Management

  • HR -related Gender Policies

Project Volume: 
€ 34,840