EPOS partners with AI start-up: Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer among women around the world. In developing countries, expensive diagnostic procedures are unaffordable. In addition, these countries lack sufficient numbers of healthcare professionals to diagnose early-stage tumors.

EPOS has experienced this problem primarily in Afghanistan, where breast cancer is the ninth leading cause of death. To meet this challenge through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), EPOS is conducting a pilot project in partnership with The project automatically identifies malignant and benign cancer cases from a collection of cytological images of real patients in the country.

This process applies Deep Learning (DL) on several hundred of cytology images using an advanced form of computer vision. To improve the accuracy of the AI algorithm model, applied the advanced technique of "Transfer Learning", using trained and benchmarked models to achieve an accuracy of 82% in a first step and ultimately up to 95%. EPOS and will now enhance, scale up and improve their joint research to create a reliable tool that doctors in developing countries can use with ease and confidence.