Holiday Greetings 2016

Holiday Greetings 2016

Season's Greetings & Best Wishes for the Year Ahead!

As the festive season builds and the New Year approaches, the entire EPOS headquarter team would like to extend season’s greetings to all EPOS staff in our projects, to our project partners, the staff of the financing institutions and donor organisations we collaborate with and to our extended EPOS family members around the world!

Amidst highly turbulent world developments this year, with many political changes towards an uncertain future and ongoing fragility in many settings where we work, we are proud to have continuously delivered high technical and management quality to our in-country partners, financing institutions, donors and experts. This was possible because of the steadfast commitment and dedication of all our staff around the world.

With you, we have continued to accomplish project initiatives and extend our important work in Yemen, Angola, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Liberia; we have started new assignments in Morocco, Malawi, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Moldova and will do so next year in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. We thank our staff who have created outstanding results in Malawi, Congo Brazzaville and Pakistan where projects are coming to an end this year, and we wish all teams much success in our ongoing projects in the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Central Asia.

Throughout this year we have further strengthened our expertise in e-health, telemedicine and e-learning and are constantly driving for innovative approaches in improving outcomes in our projects. We want to especially highlight the very engaged teams in Afghanistan, Yemen and Liberia who showed impressive efforts in creating innovative approaches in extremely fragile settings in the areas of emergency health, mobile health and remote monitoring.

We sincerely thank all our EPOS staff for their outstanding dedication and commitment to shared professional and human values and quality, and for the exemplary results achieved! We very much appreciate that our partners, in-country counterparts, financing and donor organizations greatly facilitated overall achievements and engaged with us in a very constructive dialogue. We cherish many extraordinary people and partnerships also beyond our current projects and truly look forward to continuing our work towards progress and sustainability together in the New Year.

Very best wishes to everyone

Inke Fabian de Barreto
EPOS Managing Director

Annual Giving: Think Globally, Act Locally

While EPOS' health management consulting activities make significant contributions to supporting healthcare systems and services on a global scale, we are committed through an annual giving initiative to assist local associations that work to improve the health of needy and disadvantaged people around the world.

This year our staff have selected two non-profit organisations, based in our own neighborhood of Bad Homburg, Germany, that are helping to improve living conditions of people in Nepal and Tanzania.

EPOS is supporting "Back to life e.V."  on a birthing center initiative in Nepal, improving the situation of women and babies and helping children to be born under medically controlled, humane and hygienic conditions. Additionally, EPOS has made a donation to "Voice of Kilimanjaro-Kids e.V.", an association supporting education and vocational training for children in kindergartens, pre-schools, primary and secondary schools in Tanzania.