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Remote Project Monitoring with Drones and 360° Cameras


EPOS, along with other GOPA Consulting Group (GCG) companies, implements projects on a global scale in both developed and fragile states.  Delivering development aid in fragile or conflict-affected areas requires particular care. Inevitably, the question arises of whether in-person project missions are the only way...

Malawi: Quality Management Collaborative Session


A fourth quality improvement collaborative session within the framework of the GIZ-supported Malawi-German Health Programme took place at the Sunbird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe from October 6-7, 2016. EPOS Deputy Managing Director Susanne Wessel-Ellermann ...

Tajikistan: Regional TB Hospital Handover


Official handover ceremonies for the regional tuberculosis (TB) hospital in Digmoj, Sugd oblast, took place at the end of September.

With funding from the German Government through the German Development Bank KfW and the...

Liberia: Health Sector Operational Planning Meeting


The Liberian Ministry of Health brought together department heads in Buchanan from 12-16 September to develop the Health Sector Operational Plan for the financial year 2016-17.

EPOS technical team members supported the planning exercise within the context of the EU-funded...

Tajikistan: Highest Evaluation Ratings for TB Control Projects


KfW-funded Tuberculosis (TB) Control Projects, which EPOS provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Tajikistan for implementation...