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Magazine Successfully Addresses HIV Education in Central Africa


The magazine “100% Nana” (100% Girls), developed by project teams and partner agencies of the KfW-funded and EPOS-implemented Project for the Prevention of HIV-AIDS in Central Africa (PPSAC), has...

Pakistan: Inauguration of Peshawar Regional Blood Centre


The first ever-safe blood transfusion Regional Blood Centre (RBC) began operating in Hayatabad Peshawar this month. An inaugural ceremony was held on November 9, 2016, with more than 250 people in attendance including heads of education & health departments, health professionals and blood donor organizations. A delegation from the German...

Tajikistan: Mother & Child Healthcare Conference


An international conference on Mother and Child Health Care was held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, on 14 October 2014, bringing together more than 150 health experts and international aid representatives and resulting in an increased awareness of the significance of and need for a functioning national referral system.

EPOS supported the Ministry of Health and Social...

Yemen: Emergency Response Training


EPOS technical assistance teams have been providing training on emergency response, first aid, critical life support and mass casualty trauma in Yemen to respond to the impact the crisis is having health service capacity.

Participants of the emergency response trainings are medical staff of governorate-managed hospitals. Training focuses on urgently responding and...

Remote Project Monitoring with Drones and 360° Cameras


EPOS, along with other GOPA Consulting Group (GCG) companies, implements projects on a global scale in both developed and fragile states.  Delivering development aid in fragile or conflict-affected areas requires particular care. Inevitably, the question arises of whether in-person project missions are the only way...