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Angola: EU Health Sector Support Team Underpins Long-term Sustainability Goals


A key meeting was held recently at EPOS headquarters in Bad Homburg, Germany, to discuss the advancement of the EU-funded PASS II project in Angola. The overall objective of PASS II is contribute towards improving the health status of the population, particularly that of women and...

Catharina Rappold Named EPOS Head of Finance


Catharina Rappold has been named EPOS’ Head of Finance starting from 1 January 2017. We fully congratulate her, taking particular pride in her accomplished in-house career trajectory of increasing finance and accounting responsibilities spanning more than a decade since she began at EPOS in 2005 as an apprentice.

Catharina is a certified accountant and has overseen...

Vietnam: Telemedicine Project Kick-off


Technical implementation began last month in Hanoi, Vietnam, for the KfW-funded project ‘Decentralised Health Care Systems Telemedicine Project at Viet Duc Hospital to Provincial Hospitals’. As a pilot...

Magazine Successfully Addresses HIV Education in Central Africa


The magazine “100% Nana” (100% Girls), developed by project teams and partner agencies of the KfW-funded and EPOS-implemented Project for the Prevention of HIV-AIDS in Central Africa (PPSAC), has...

Pakistan: Inauguration of Peshawar Regional Blood Centre


The first ever-safe blood transfusion Regional Blood Centre (RBC) began operating in Hayatabad Peshawar this month. An inaugural ceremony was held on November 9, 2016, with more than 250 people in attendance including heads of education & health departments, health professionals and blood donor organizations. A delegation from the German...