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COVID-19: EPOS Response Solutions


We at EPOS Health Management are committed to Global Health and to worldwide efforts to combat COVID-19. Already we are actively supporting initiatives to combat COVID-19 in several countries where we have current projects. Additionally, our staff and project teams have been requested by public health ministries and international donor agencies for further guidance on...

Yemen:COVID-19 Health System Preparation Measures


The European Union (EU)-funded project “Supporting Inclusive Access to Health Services” continues to provide technical assistance to the health sector in Yemen in a variety of crisis-related initiatives. Our prokect teams have...

Pakistan: Responding to COVID-19 Challenges


Pakistan, one of the world’s most populous nations with 220 million inhabitants, is battling the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and adopting evolving measures to help prepare and protect individuals, workplaces and the public’s health in response to the rapidly-evolving local...

Corona COVID19 Virus: Action Policy & Information

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is spreading worldwide and has now also reached individual partner countries and Europe. We’re committed to doing our part locally and globally to help reduce the spread of the corona virus. This includes implementing hygiene and social distancing measures in our HQ and all our project offices; establishing remote working opportunities among...

Tunisia: Supporting Ministry of Public Health in Fighting COVID-19


The growing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is increasingly impacting countries in Africa. In Tunisia, our project team working on the “Technical Assistance to the Health Sector Support Programme (Essaha Aziza)” funded by the...