Tajikistan: EU-HMIS Project

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recent meetings were held in Dushanbe at the Ministry of Health with the Deputy Minister of Health Sohibnazar Rahmonov and (pictured from left) Ion Stanciu, Senior ICT Expert;  Dr. Sayfuddinov,  Director of the Republican Centre for Medical Statistics and Information (MedStat); and Thomas Kempff, EPOS Head of Finance and Contracts in the context of the EU-funded ‘Technical Assistance to Support the Strengthening of the Health Information System (HMIS)’ project.

The core of the project is the country wide establishment of a health management information system (HMIS) based on the District Health Information Software (DHIS 2). The aim is to generate better data and information which enables better management, planning and assessment of progresses, and ultimately results in better health care for the Tajik population.

The EU project is being implemented by a strong consortium consisting of EPOS Health Management, Germany (lead firm); ICON-INSTITUT Public Sector, Germany; IrfatC, Tajikistan; and the University of Oslo, Norway. The current project is a logical third phase continuation of two previous support phases to the Government of Tajikistan in strengthening health information systems.