A Systemic Approach to Private Sector Engagement: Telemedicine Project in Vietnam

Friday, February 14, 2020

EPOS is supporting the Viet Duc University Hospital (VDUH), one of the largest public sector teaching hospitals in Vietnam, towards expansion and consolidation of its expertise in telemedicine. The project aims to ensure access to specialist expertise and guidance on clinical training, diagnostics and treatment in the areas of surgery, trauma and emergency care to a large catchment population of nearly 5 million by linking the VDUH and six other hospitals at provincial, regional and district levels via a custom-made telemedicine platform.

In addition to telemedicine services, the five-year project also seeks to establish a Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) across the seven hospitals.  This system enables secure exchange of patient information across the network and streamlining referral systems, while also creating scope for future epidemiological research due to the availability of anonymized patient data. 

The project is unique in terms of adopting a systemic approach to procurement of services and goods. After establishing and integrating the telemedicine platform, the information systems and the EMR, the contracted private sector systems integrator will also provide operational support for two years after the commissioning. This engagement will promote not only sustainability, but also allow for the introduction of private sector efficiencies into the public health system, while paving the way for increased future participation of the private sector in public healthcare.

“We expect this systemic approach to produce tangible and measurable improvements in the efficiency of the process as well as in the health outcomes for the catchment population,” explained Milena Beyene-Kuehnl, EPOS Project Manager.

It is expected that cooperation with the systems integrator will substantially contribute to capacity building of the technical personnel at VDUH, also covering areas of systems maintenance, trouble-shooting, and resource planning. Such exposure is expected to especially also impact positively on the participating hospitals at district and provincial level, where the potential for increasing operational efficiency is significant.

Milena Beyene-Kuehnl is a senior consultant and project manager with more than 20 years of experience in managing procurement processes and construction projects in China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Tanzania and Bangladesh. Her expertise covers the management of health infrastructure projects, procurement procedures for medical and non-medical equipment and contract management.


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