National Staff Health Meeting in Manila, Philippines

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

In the framework of the EU funded project “Technical Assistance for the Philippine Health Sector Reform Contract” our Senior Consultant and Project Manager Ms Oxana Abovskaya had been invited to the 1st National Staff Health Meeting in Manila, Philippines to share her experience in implementing health financing reforms in her projects around the globe. She was honored to discuss with colleagues from the PhilHealth, Department of Health, directors of health facilities from all over the country, experience in fund pooling, contracting, provider payment mechanisms and challenges from Vietnam, Republic of Moldova, Czech Republic and the Netherland.  The discussion after the presentation was really impressive and showed high interest in different mechanisms available throughout the countries and their possible applicability in the context of Philippine commitment to secure universal health coverage to its population.

Ms Abovskaya  is grateful to the colleagues,  who took great care during her stay and relieved her from all administrative and logistic burden during such short and intensive trips. What also was impressive, that all the ODA financed projects share a huge common office together with the International Cooperation Department of the DoH. Such an approach gives a real chance for inter-project coordination, connecting with colleagues and meeting the expectations of the beneficiary, not only on paper but in real life. Practical approach which is useful for those countries, struggling to achieve coherence in actions and avoid duplication in ODA funded projects.