Malawi: Backstopping Visit to Health Sector PPP Project

Friday, April 25, 2014

EPOS Deputy Managing Director, Susanne Wessel-Ellermann, recently made a backstopping visit to the KfW funded project Strengthening Public Private Partnerships within the Health Sector that EPOS began implementing early last year in consortium with GOPA Consultants and Mediconsult.

The project aims to improve the availability of, access to, and utilisation of quality maternal and neonatal health care (including Basic Emergency Obstetric Care Centre – BemOC, or Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care Services - CEmOC). This is to contribute to improving the health status of the Malawian population, particularly poor women and children.

Since its inception, the project has seen developments in the assessment selection of Health Units that are to be supported by the project, the preparation of the designs and tender documents for rehabilitation works, and the definition of equipment needs and specifications.

Recent backstopping meetings centered on options for reactivating the drug revolving fund (DRF) at the Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM), a key project health service provider established in regions where government-owned facilities cannot provide adequate health services. The CHAM DRF was originally established to meet medicine policy objectives of ensuring a reliable and affordable drug and medical supply system with subsequent availability of essential medicines to all CHAM members. Due to irregularities in management and a CHAM restructuring process over the last two years, the DRF is no longer functional. However CHAM plans to reinstate the DRF, which would be the basis for construction of a warehouse under the PPP project.

The PPP project is being implemented within the framework of Financial Cooperation (FC) between the Republic of Malawi and Germany. The German Government has committed an overall financial contribution of EUR 6.8 million to the Ministry of Health in Malawi towards strengthening public private partnerships within the health sector.

Pictured from left: Susanne Wessel-Ellermann, EPOS Deputy Managing Director; Dr. Mwai Makoka, Executive Director of the Christian Health Association of Malawi; and Kennedy Manyozo, EPOS Deputy Team Leader.