Liberia: Health Sector Operational Planning Meeting

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Liberian Ministry of Health brought together department heads in Buchanan from 12-16 September to develop the Health Sector Operational Plan for the financial year 2016-17.

EPOS technical team members supported the planning exercise within the context of the EU-funded ‘Technical Assistance to Support the Implementation of the National Health Plan and the Roadmap for the Reduction of Maternal Mortality’ project which aims to improve access to and the quality of the essential package of health services, including obstetric care.

The recent planning meeting represented an important exercise of bringing together previously fragmented initiatives into one joint national plan. The comprehensive agenda addressed ten specific areas:

1.            Improved access to quality health services

2.            Improved health workforce development and management

3.            Improved Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Reponses

4.            Progress in Health Infrastructure rehabilitation and expansion

5.            Improved Pharmaceutical Supply and Services

6.            Increased Resource Mobilization and Utilization

7.            Improved community ownership

8.            Strengthened health information systems

9.            Improved regulatory system

10.          Improved Evidence Based Decision Making through harmonization and Alignment.

The consolidated Health Sector Operational Plan developed during the recent meetings will contribute to strengthening national  healthcare and services at both central and county level.