EAC Secretariat in a Bid to Enhance Pandemic Preparedness in the Region

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

GIZ and EPOS held a successful planning workshop with the EAC secretariat and partners hosted by the East African Community (EAC) Secretariat in Arusha and organized by GIZ, a planning workshop on enhancing pandemic preparedness in the region has taken place recently.

Forces were joined with many regional partners, such as WHO, FAO and organizations dealing with animal health in order to enhance the One Health approach when fighting epidemics in Eastern Africa. Numerous outbreaks in the region are of animal origin and spread over to humans, such as recently Ebola has shown. In consequence, awareness is high that a cross-sector approach in pandemic prevention and response is needed, involving human medicine, animal health, but also tourism, trade, environment and agriculture/livestock. The workshop contributed to foster high level commitment but also to define pragmatic horizontal and vertical steps and responsibilities for collaboration. The project will strengthen the capacities of the EAC Secretariat during the next two years, under the financing of GIZ and with support of Technical Assistance by EPOS. We thank all team members and partners for this constructive meeting and for their huge willingness for collaboration!