Dr. Carolina Cerniciuc

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Dr. Cerniciuc is an experienced medical doctor who brings to EPOS clinical knowledge and a range of skills in different areas of the healthcare systems. With a Master degree in Public Health and practical experience in health systems, policy development, and public health management, Dr Cerniciuc offers a unique range of technical knowledge in the healthcare system.

She started her career as a medical doctor in hospital care and later as Chief of the National Drug Observatory, Monitoring and Evaluation for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis in Moldova.  As Dr. Cerniciuc started to venture into public health and the health policy arena, she led the national health accounts efforts in Moldova, where she worked with the World Bank on mapping and estimating healthcare expenditures and accelerating and improving collaboration between international donors and national hospitals and other service providers.

As she continued to venture as public health professional in management and policy development Dr. Cerniciuc led the Public Health Department at the Ministry of Health, where she was national coordinator for health reforms strategies and policies.  In that position she worked closely with international organizations like USAID, UNDP, UNICEF, and WHO on improving and implementing national policies that met the EU standards. There, she played key role in the development of national policies in areas related to the prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases and health promotion for behavior change, collaborating closely with all layers of the health sector and stakeholders. These efforts contributed to direct impact on the health of the population, dealing with high profile issues such as impact of climate change on health, and implementing health regulations related to food security and safety, tobacco control and alcohol consumption.

More recently Dr. Cerniciuc has worked with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute on a non-communicable disease project in the Eastern Europe, where she provided medical expertise and coordinated stakeholder’s activities that had measurable impact on the organizational development of the leading institution for public health in the area of health promotion and disease prevention.

Through her practical experience in various leadership roles at the Ministry of Health and advising international organizations, Dr. Cerniciuc brings to EPOS valuable experience, best practices and expertise in reorganization of health facility structures, mapping and surveillance of public health services, and development of capacity building interventions for public health practitioners. She has directly worked with high level EU stakeholders and commissars as well as other colleagues from EU and non-EU countries on public health issues.