Delia Oros joined EPOS as Gender expert

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Ms. Delia Oros-Schroeber, Consultant in Gender and Health Policy, recently joined EPOS Health Management. She holds a master’s degree in Gender and Development from Paris Diderot University and her expertise focus on human rights, intercultural topics, migration, and health policy.  Along her academic career, her primary focus was the identification of key barriers to achieving gender equality. She has trained research skills such as the design of instruments aiming at analyzing social change, government-initiated gender policy, and gender mainstreaming within Latin America and the Caribbean. She has led gender needs assessments and analyses that included the gathering and analysis of available gender information, research about policy and legal frameworks, participatory assessment and sex disaggregated data.

Ms. Oros-Schroeber has practical experience in developing awareness and training tools to provide technical guidance to local organizations on topics related to gender and protection mainstreaming, particularly in healthcare gender discrimination and gender-based violence. She has provided technical assistance in organizing training and workshops aiming at increasing the access of indigenous women and children, and other vulnerable populations, to basic health care services in Peru. In Germany, she has conducted targeted training for staff on gender assessment, gender analysis and gender mainstreaming in the project cycle of a social enterprise.  Ms. Oros-Schroeber also provided technical assistance in the design and implementation of activities that seek to promote migrant women's economic empowerment.

Ms. Oros-Schroeber is providing technical assistance at EPOS Health Management headquarters, helping to integrate the gender perspective into the preparation, design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of our projects.