Cambodia: RH Vouchers Project Enters Phase II

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Phase II of the Cambodia Reproductive Health (RH) Vouchers project, providing cover services for safe motherhood, family planning, and safe abortions in three provinces, has recently been approved by KfW and the Cambodian Health Ministry. Phase II will build on program implementation achievements made over the course of the original three-year RH Vouchers project started in 2010.

“Despite significant progress made in program implementation in phase I, especially during the 4 last quarters of the project,” according to project team leader Dr. Marcel Reyners, “there are still many challenges that need to be addressed in phase II such as the distribution of vouchers and the use by the beneficiaries, the abuse and/or misuse of vouchers by providers, the quality of the services, some financial issues such as the timely release of budgets, the complexity of procedures to be followed, monitoring and, finally, clients' perception on vouchers.”

Phase II of the voucher scheme is expected to achieve the following objectives and outputs:

1.         To promote and improve access to specific reproductive health services for poor and vulnerable women as an integrated and complementary financing instrument to exist- ing Health Equity Funds and CBHI schemes.

2.         To contribute to the achievement of the Cambodian Millennium Development Goals (i.e. MDGs 4 and 5).

3.         To improve quality of care of public and non-public health services providers through enhanced demand-side subsidies and purchasing power of poor patients.

4.         To strengthen vital elements in the development of an effective social health protection system (i.e. quality assurance, accreditation, out-put based reimbursement mechanisms, inclusion).

Project phase II will run through July 2016.