Angola: EU Health Sector Support Team Underpins Long-term Sustainability Goals

Monday, January 30, 2017

A key meeting was held recently at EPOS headquarters in Bad Homburg, Germany, to discuss the advancement of the EU-funded PASS II project in Angola. The overall objective of PASS II is contribute towards improving the health status of the population, particularly that of women and children, in the five intervention provinces.

The project has been running successfully since 2013 due to the strong technical and management skills of Team Leader, Dr. Ángel Vega, who currently oversees a large team of permanent and temporary experts throughout the country.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss relevant issues pertaining to implementation of the final leg of the project. In its final two years, the team will work towards validating tools, models and methodologies, as well as providing support and for the handover and ongoing use of such tools and methods at country level, with a view to ensuring long-term sustainability of what has been achieved, as well as ownership of the project by the beneficiaries.