Working With Us

Our full-time headquarter and regional staff represent a diverse, well-educated, multi-disciplinary and international team of professionals with extensive management and technical expertise. We are committed to improving health care systems and services around the world and embody a wide range of health-related areas and disciplines.

Whether you start at EPOS as a consultant/project manager, a financial specialist or as business operations staff, challenging and interesting tasks are waiting for you. Our technical, financial and contractual and business operations and outreach services are fully integrated and enable continued multi-disciplinary professional development and advancement.


What We Offer

Cooperative Working Environment

Feedback from EPOS staff shows that they appreciate the positive and cooperative working environment, our “open doors policy” and the mutual support they receive within our working teams. At the same time, they benefit from being given a great deal of autonomy and responsibility in their fields of work.

Professional Development

Staff members joining EPOS are gradually introduced to their new tasks and responsibilities based on an individual training and orientation plan. During the first months of employment, every new colleague is coached by an experienced mentor thus ensuring a successful onboarding right from the start.

Regular staff appraisals with supervisors enable staff to review and discuss career development and training needs.

Ethical and Sustainable Standards

We adhere to the ten universally accepted principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Responsible and ethical management is at the core of our corporate philosophy and enshrined in our policies, strategies and actions.

Healthy Workplace

At EPOS, we are committed to doing what we can to ensure a healthy workplace. A variety of workplace health promotion activities and programmes, such as a GOPA Group Health Day, ‘B’ Fit Corporate Training, Fresh Market Days and Healthy Option Menus enable staff to maintain their own general health and well-being.

Social Benefits

EPOS values employees and offers attractive benefits in line with German regulations and practices. When working as employee with EPOS, staff can benefit from joining a private pension scheme, which enjoys tax privileges, and from capital formation savings payment.