Meet EPOS Team Members

Meet a few members of the EPOS team working around the world and see first-hand the diverse, committed and talented people that are the driving force behind EPOS’ continued success.

“ EPOS is a company with a competent team; it supports you in your work; many people – not only one – look for solutions and the best way forward – the company presents as a team towards  clients and customers ”

 An important experience of working with EPOS was the trust that was placed in me to learn by doing, to come up with innovative and creative solutions to challenges where they arose, allowing me to build up know-how as well as management and technical experience in a practical manner and supported by colleagues. 

“ The teamwork here at EPOS is superb and supporting. We know each other well and someone is always there to help you. The team and the people working around you really make a difference in your work. Each one of us here at EPOS is working hard to achieve positive outcomes and make a difference in the particular field they are working in and I am happy to be part of this supportive team environment. ”

“ I feel very comfortable working at EPOS. I have never had the feeling that I am alone, being strongly supported by the HQ. Regular visits and involvement in discussions of other EPOS projects gave me the perception of being not only a project team member, but also a member of the EPOS family. Project director, project coordinator and financial manager visits to the project site, positively influenced the project outcomes.  ”

“ An important experience working at EPOS is the considerable flexibility and liberty granted to me as field staff to develop and modulate a project within the frame defined by the client. ”