Team Leader, Management of Advanced Medical Technology: Uzbekistan

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Saturday, August 31, 2019
Central Asia
Team Leader


  • Management of Advanced Medical Technology
  • GIZ
  • Uzbekistan
  • Team leader: will be assigned on a part-time basis for a total of 12 expert months which include 3 months assignment days in home country and 9 months assignment in Uzbekistan. The team leader will be available throughout the period of the contract duration.

Project Objectives

Module objective reads as follows: “The quality of medical and technical services in the use and management of advanced medical technology in Uzbekistan is improved“. The duration of the measure is two years and six months (April 2019 to September 2021).

Tasks of the team leader

  • Overall responsibility for the four work packages of the contractor
  • Ensuring the coherence and complementarity of the services of the contractor with other services delivered by the programme at local and national level
  • Strategy, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of capacity development measures for local partners
  • Personnel management, in particular identifying the need for short-term assignments within the available budget, as well as planning and steering assignments and supporting local and international short-term experts
  • Ensuring results monitoring is conducted
  • Regular reporting in accordance with deadlines
  • Responsibility for controlling the use of funds and financial planning in consultation with GIZ’s officer responsible for the commission
  • Supporting the officer responsible for the commission in updating/adapting the project strategy, in evaluations and in preparing a follow-on phase
  • Maintaining contact to other donors and the German embassy
  • Advise the Ministry of Health and its relevant departments on developing a health technology management (HTM) strategy
  • Develop implementation guidelines and SOPs for product life-cycle management at hospital level as a step towards a national HTM strategy

Expert Profile

Qualifications and skills

  • University qualification (German ‘Diplom’ or Master ) in biomedical engineering or medical engineering

General professional experience

  • 15 years of professional experience in biomedical engineering or medical engineering

Specific professional experience

  • 7 years in health technology management and 5 years in strategy development
  • Leadership/management experience: 2 years of management/leadership experience as project team leader or manager in a company
  • 3 years of experience in development cooperation projects
  • 8 years’ experience in the application of modern high-tech medical equipment (documented by CV)
  • Language (2.1.2): Proficient business language skills in English and Russian (CEFR B1 – C2)


To obtain more information or to submit your CV, please contact: Ms. Neha Khurana at

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