How We Work

Currently EPOS implements more than 70 projects around the globe, staffed by long term experts as well as permanent EPOS personnel. Backstopping is delivered by the company’s head office in Bad Homburg which consists of experienced and highly qualified staff members responsible for project acquisition, development of new business areas and the technical and administrative management of projects abroad.

EPOS also competes for new projects by responding to prequalification notices and tenders issued by technical cooperation organisations such as EU, GIZ, WB, KfW, MCC and others. Opportunities arising from such procedures are frequently advertised and constitute the bulk of Job Opportunities posted on our website.

EPOS uses a custom-made confidential expert database for storing all available CVs as well as key information on registered experts. This database is used by all companies of the GOPA Consulting Group. Thus, experts registered with any of the GOPA Consulting Group companies benefit from becoming available for job opportunities in a wider group of consulting firms that all work in the field of development cooperation. Our database adheres to strict data protection standards.

Current Job Opportunities

Current jobs are posted in the Job Opportunities section of our website and applications are welcome.

Job opportunities specifically relating to prequalification notices and tenders always indicate the status of a position or project according to the following categories:

General call for applications

We are seeking to widen our database in a given technical area or are opening a new field of activity for which we wish recruit expertise.

Expression of interest/prequalification

We have been called upon to express our interest for a project or have been asked to qualify for a shortlist and already, at this stage, wish to identify and commit expertise.


EPOS has been short-listed and called upon to submit a proposal. We are seeking expertise for the tender to be submitted.


EPOS is implementing the project indicated in the notice and is advertising a vacancy.

Spontaneous Job Applications

EPOS also welcomes spontaneous general applications for:

Inclusion in our Expert Database

Full application information can be found here.

Headquarter or Regional Staff Positions

Full application information can be found here.

Need more information to make a decision?

We always endeavor to provide you with as much information as possible on our Job Opportunities listings. If you however need more details, please contact the person indicated in the job opportunity notice. If you have questions regarding a spontaneous general application, please contact .