Corporate Social Responsibility

EPOS has a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through staff wellness and development initiatives as well as local community engagement. These initiatives are detailed below.

Workplace Wellness

EPOS has undertaken ongoing workplace wellness initiatives since 2012 to align values and behaviours with the expectations and needs of employees. An initial GOPA Group Health Day, organised by EPOS, was developed to initiate a dialogue about workplace health promotion and held annually thereafter.Through these measures, EPOS is actively helping staff to improve their own general health and well-being as well as encouraging employee involvement to create a healthy workplace.

Community Engagement

EPOS annually offers financial support to local charitable associations to support a variety of health or social causes. Most recently, EPOS supported an association providing care for needy senior citizens within the Frankfurt am Main region. The association distributed grants for clothing, medical care, eyeglasses, hearing aids, dental care, medicine and household appliances and heating.

EPOS Goes Green

EPOS adopts company-wide business practices intended to minimise environmental impact and actively collaborates on policies and procedures that ensure a constant cycle of improvement.

Within the context of its environmental responsibility, EPOS continuously purchases energy saving IT equipment and devices and uses FSC recycled paper and environmentally certified office materials. Further plans call for the development of an Activity Plan for project offices worldwide to implement the Environmental Policy.