Our Mission

Committed to the future of global health.

Innovation • Transformation • Excellence

Our Corporate Identity Statement

EPOS is a leading health management firm committed to Global Health.

We are working globally to improve the quality and accessibility of health services and systems.

We strive for innovation, transformation and excellence in our cost-effective solutions for public and private organisations.

Our Values

  • Neutrality in professional consulting and project implementation to ensure that client interests are given absolute priority
  • Business Integrity and adherence to high personal and professional standards as laid down in our Code of Ethics
  • Quality Management and Quality Assurance are an integral part of both the projects implemented by EPOS, and its daily work
  • Knowledge Management is the key philosophy on which we live, comprising a range of practices to identify, create, represent, and share knowledge for reuse, awareness, and learning, both internally as well as externally
  • Capacity Building and Human Resource Development applies not only to our continuous efforts towards internal / staff capacity building, but also undertaking HRD as a prime activity in various projects that we implement
  • Excellence in achieving high operational performance
  • Responsiveness to the needs of the client, donor and the target group
  • Dedication and commitment among the staff and sharing the common vision

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